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Frequently Asked Questions

What fees do you charge for Carolyn Richards' Fun Show?

Carolyn Richards Country Fun Show pricing is based on travel time and expense, setup/tear down time, and show time. The show features country and/or country gospel music. There are two levels of performance:

  1. A small performance with Dave & Carolyn using sound tracks. This an hour to 1-1/2 hours show. They travel with their own professional sound system suitable for smaller venues and theaters. Setup and tear down is approximately one hour. Rate is $90 per hour (including travel time).
  2. Level two is a country variety show involving one or more guests with backdrops or video behind us. This show is suitable for sitting audiences, such as in a theater, amphitheater, or dinner show, and has been a hit wherever presented. Setup and tear down time is four hours. Shows are usually two to three hours. Rate is $150 up to $500 per hour (including travel time) and dependent on the number of guest artists involved (amount of variety desired).
  • Distance from Belpre, Ohio will determine number of meals, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Email us with details for your desired performance and we can work up a quote.

What does Spiritual Road charge to come to my church or gospel event?

Spiritual Road is all about ministry, not money, and asks nothing to appear at churches within a three to five hour drive of Belpre, Ohio. Most will present us with a love offering. We trust God to provide. Everywhere else, unless we are already traveling nearby, we need travel expenses covered. That includes gas, meals, lodging, and miscellaneous expenses if we can travel by automobile. Air fare for two (including extra luggage) and possibly vehicle rental may be involved for further distances. For senior centers, retirement centers, nursing homes, etc., we may ask a fee. We will often offer to come to these places, for a small fee, when they are along the way while we are traveling. It helps pay expenses.

Why do you charge a fee at small venues such as nursing homes?

These types of venues usually have money for activities and entertainment is often promised to residents as part of their fees package. We have travel and equipment expenses to recoup. We have thousands of dollars in equipment and many hours of time invested in perfecting our craft. Oftentimes, we are traveling through the area on tour and have lodging and meals to acquire. That is often all that the fees we charge pay for. We will often ask retirement centers to provide lodging within their facilities for a night in return for entertainment.