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Carolyn Richards
Carolyn Richards
Country & Gospel Entertainer & Recording Artist
Carolyn Richards is a nationally and internationally known top ten recording artist. She has been singing all her life. She turned down a Nashville contract to raise three children. Once the kids were grown, Carolyn formed a band named "Last Chance" and played around her region for several years. Career highlights include Carolyn having three top ten Christian Country songs and co-hosting the Country Gospel Music Association's 2005 International Golden Heart Awards Show with once famous "Mercy" singer, James Marvell. She currently loves singing for God. Invite Carolyn to sing at your church or event.
Dave Butcher
Dave Butcher
What's a reciter? Someone who recites stories and poetry. What's a lyricist? Someone who writes stories and poetry for recitation. Dave Butcher does both and has multiple awards from his peers with the Country Gospel Music Association. He joins his wife to spread messages of Faith, Hope, Love, and the pure JOY of knowing a living, loving God. Dave spent several years as a young man living as if there were no God. After a spiritual experience at the age of twenty five, his life changed dramatically. His testimonies may regard gambling, drinking, lying, stealing, and cheating from those early years. He will also speak of the blessings and miracles he and Carolyn have experienced first hand.

Dave has written a book designed to help Christians lead a better life.

Visit the Handling Strife page.


Dave and Carolyn say, "Our heart is for saving souls and for helping people learn to trust God more."

They simply try to present themselves and live in such a way that people want to know their 'secret'.

They are more than willing to share what they have learned over the years.


Dave & Carolyn aka Spiritual Road

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We would love to come to your church, fair, festival, retirement center, senior center, or any other venue or event. We have both country and country gospel programs.

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