Spiritual Road  

Spiritual Road Musical Ministry

"Unique!" . . . "Anointed!" . . . "Spirit Led!"

Our Mission

The mission of Spiritual Road Ministries is to inspire people to discover and get closer to a living, loving God. We do that through testimony, music and praise. As a friend, Jeff Treece of the band Sunday Drive, says in song, "Them that don't know don't know they don't know." Dave and Carolyn want everyone to "see the light" and learn how to live happier, less stressful lives, through a closer relationship with God.  

Our Programs

What can you expect at a Spiritual Road concert? Spiritual Road develops programs for a variety of venues including churches, fairs, festivals, nursing homes, senior centers, theaters, and other events. Primarily, concerts include testimony and recitations by Dave Butcher interspersed with songs by Carolyn Richards at appropriate moments. It is a unique approach according to many of the comments we have received.  

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